School Girl’s Crush..

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Marlaine Cover Founder of Parenting 2.0

Cheeks are flushed, heart is beating overtime, brain is helpless to regain the reigns, it’s official, I have a crush. Why is it we never see these things coming?

It started slow, as they often do. A simple hello. But I soon found myself noticing that his emails were the highlight of my day.

What I love…

I love how he gives everyday people a voice. I love how he has created a dignified platform for every single human being to sing their song, shake their mojo, and speak up for the welfare of others. I love when he shares news of their victories – my heart and soul literally soar with affection for their triumphs.

My Crush –

Yesterday I came out and confessed my crush as Founder of Parenting 2.0 for and registered a petition calling on schools in the US and Canada to teach interpersonal communication skills. I am excited about the number of people can help us reach as we advocate proactive education of Life Skills.

The time is here for more people to acknowledge that if we can teach children math and music from third party educators we can most assuredly stop calling them names (Bullies, Victims, Drama Queens) – and punishing them – when they struggle on playgrounds absent formal instruction in interpersonal communication.

The time has come for us to take a broader stance as we advocate a more dignified curriculum for this foundational Life Skill. I am enormously grateful for the platform of to expand the advocacy of Parenting 2.0.

Today I invite you to join our chorus and experience the power of a loving crush once again – or perhaps for the very first time – in your life.

Sign the Teach Interpersonal Communication Skills to All Children petition and share with your peeps.

Hugs! Mama Marlaine

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