P20 Talks 2020

P20 Talks 2020

Bahia Brazil
Date: October 23, 2020 - October 25, 2020

Due to COVID 19 restrictions, the fifth international conference for Life Skills professionals, P20 Talks 2020 was postponed. Please see P20 Talks 2023 Salvador for update.

P20 Talks is the world’s only international professional conference for Life Skills Educators. Hosted by the international consciousness movement Parenting 2.0, and committed to nurturing a more dynamic Life Skills educational process for all persons. P20 Talks 2023 features presentations by a diverse array of professionals on multiple, critical, twenty-first century Life Skills including emotional, financial, and digital literacy.

If you are a Life Skills professional who believes passionately that 21st-century Life Skills warrant 21st-century education, please check our next conference dates for 2023 and 2024 to be announced shortly.

P20 Talks Sessions are formatted after the five primary categories on the Life Skills Report Card:

  1. Personal Care
  2. Organizational Skills
  3. Respect for Self and Others
  4. Communication
  5. Social Skills 

P20 TALKS presentations raise the bar on Life Skills education for all persons by:

  1. Illuminating the centrality of Life Skills for individuals and communities thriving
  2. Expanding appreciation for the complexity of Life Skills in the 21st century
  3. Underscoring the necessity of retiring role modeling as the high bar of education and embracing dynamic education by third-party professionals for skills used daily.

Each session commences with five presenters seated as a panel at the front of the room. Presenters then alternate providing ten-minute power presentations with personal stories that underscore the centrality of Life Skills in daily living and concrete means to elevate the educational process. Sessions conclude with a fifteen-minute audience/panel question and answer segment.

Click on the Schedule Tab above for timing of the sessions.

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