P20 Talks 2014 Dublin, Ireland

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Life Skills Educators from four continents gathered in Dublin, Ireland Sept 14th-16th for P20 Talks 2014 – the world’s only professional conference for Life Skills educators. Their mission? Illuminating the centrality of Life Skills in every avenue of human interaction and transforming the Life Skills educational process. Life Skills, as defined by Parenting 2.0, are

“Mandatory skills every human being learns in some measure to thrive individually and commune optimally with others.”

Examples include such critical arenas as financial and emotional literacy, fitness, time management and safety.

Traditionally, parents have been the primary educators of Life Skills – parents rarely formally educated themselves. The result is low competency levels passed generation to generation and crisis management dominating societal dialogue.

Twentieth century increases in dual parent employment, divorce, excessive academic expectations and geographical separations among extended family members have all placed unprecedented  pressures upon a previously impoverished Life Skills educational process. Media headlines provide painfully real report cards daily for failing to embrace a more dynamic curriculum.

“Reliance on parents to teach human beings the wide array of skills they are guaranteed to need to succeed in the twenty-first century communicates a gross lack of appreciation for their complexity,” states Parenting 2.0 Founder Marlaine Cover.

P20 Talks is hosted by members of LinkedIn’s top ranked Parenting 2.0 group, which counts more than six thousand professionals in over eighty countries as members. Organizers alternate combined professional conferences in even years with regional gatherings in odd years. P20 Talks 2012 was held in San Diego, California USA, P20 Talks 2016 will be in Goa, India.  The regional gatherings are spearheaded by Ambassadors for Parenting 2.0’s charitable educational organization – The Global Presence

The highlight of P20 Talks is the recognition of individuals and corporations making magnanimous contributions in the Life Skills arena with The Global Presence Humanitarian Award. For P20 Talks 2014, they recognized Rob Mather’s life saving work around the world via the  Against Malaria Foundation.  AMF provides long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs) to populations at high risk of malaria, Since its founding in 2004, AMF has raised $19.4 million and distributed 6 million LLINs.

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