P20 Talks 2016 Goa – Bank on it!

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Kantabai Salunkhe was a working mother of 12 who wanted to open a savings account. The banks in India refused. Why? Because she was only able to save five rupees – or less than one cent – per day. Her account, the banks explained, was not “affordable”.  

Social Entrepreneur Chetna Gala Sinha refused to accept such an explanation. “Why not create a bank that cares more about Kantabai than the bank?” she asked. This simple reframe resulted in Chetna creating the Mann Deshi Bank – the first bank and business school for rural women in India – and thousands of women starting and expanding small businesses.

Faith in every individual’s capacity to excel in Life Skills when unique starting points are respected and compassionate education embraced is core to Parenting 2.0 advocacy.  For this reason, we were honored to recognize Chetna’s trailblazing work in the financial arena with the 2016 Global Presence Humanitarian Award at P20 Talks 2016 in Goa, India.

P20 Talks is the world’s only professional conference for Life Skills professionals.  Hosted by Parenting 2.0, P20 Talks alternates combined international conferences on varying continents in even years with regional gatherings in odd years. P20 Talks international conferences feature multiple short power presentations by Life Skills professionals structured around the format of Life Skills Report Cards. The goals of P20 Talks reflect those of Parenting 2.0 and its educational non-profit, The Global Presence

  1. Illuminating the role of Life Skills in individuals and the communities they construct thriving.
  2. Unifying and supporting Life Skills educators around the globe.
  3. Promoting a more proactive Life Skills educational process for all persons. 

On behalf of the eight thousand Parenting 2.0 members worldwide, we thank Chetna and everyone participating in P20 Talks 2016 for being the change the world awaits and raising the bar on life skills education in the 21st century. 

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