P20 Talks 2016 Goa

P20 Talks 2016 Goa

Place: Kenilworth Beach Resort and Spa Goa India
Date: October 7, 2016 - October 9, 2016

Parenting 2.0 is proud to host its third international conference for Life Skills professionals, P20 Talks 2016, at the Kenilworth Beach Resort and Spa in Goa, India October 7th-9th, 2016.

Constructed around the concept of Life Skills Report Cards, and dedicated to promoting a more dynamic Life Skills educational process for all persons, P20 Talks 2016 features presentations by a diverse array of educators on multiple, critical, twenty-first century Life Skills including emotional, financial, and digital literacy.

Life Skills, as defined by Parenting 2.0, are “Mandatory skills every human being learns in some measure to thrive and commune with others.”

If you are a Life Skills professional, inspired to share your work with the world and promote a more proactive educational process for all persons, P20 Talks is the conference for you. Register today!

Sue Ismiel

Sue Ismiel is CEO of Sue Ismiel and Daughters, a Sydney based, family owned, personal care company that has earned multiple awards and an international customer base. Sue created her first product in response to her daughter’s frustrations with everyday hair styling, then discovered in sharing the much greater need she was fullfilling. Today she is passionate validating human beings’ basic needs and inspiring others to pursue their dreams.

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Joseph Moheban

Joseph Moheban is a Co-Founder of 220 Youth Leadership, a US based company committed to supporting youth in identifying true passions and developing essential leadership skills. A graduate of the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, Joseph worked  as a healthcare consultant in Chicago, Illinois before being inspired to form 220 Youth Leadership with his brother, and fellow P20 Talks 2016 Presenter, Matthew.

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Dianne Todaro-Wells

Dianne Todaro-Wells  is the author of multiple parenting books – including Puberty Girl and Puberty Boy – that are now in over 100,000 homes and 10 languages. Dianne found her calling while working as a teacher and recognizing first hand the problems that stemmed from a lack of 21st century literature for young people that would captivate, be fun to read, and honest.

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Allwyn Menezes

Allwyn Menezes is the co-owner of a women’s clothing store in Goa that found his community service calling providing proactive Life Skills education in schools and communities. Priority project at present is a School Hygiene Program that makes hand washing mandatory in schools, collages and institutions.

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Robert Dourado

Robert Dourado is the Founder of R & A Dourado Leadership International and Co-Founder of SOIDEMER ® based in Goa, India.  Trained by International Success Coach Blair Singer, Robert conducts experiential workshops and trainings on principles, frameworks and insights to elevate individuals to pursue their true calling.

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Marlaine Cover, MPA, Panel Lead

Marlaine Cover,  is the creator of the Life Skills Report Card, Founder of the international consciousness movement Parenting 2.0 and   bestselling author of  “Kissing the Mirror: Raising Humanity in the Twenty-first Century” – published under her pen name of Mama Marlaine. Cover began her professional career working in development for higher education. While raising her two daughters, however, she became painfully aware of the gross disparity between the educational process societies around the globe routinely afforded academics, and the comparatively impoverished and passive process that typically defined Life Skills.

Believing Life Skills were as – if not more –  important than academics for her daughters’ future success she created the Life Skills Report Card. In 2009 she founded the Parenting 2.0 (P20) group on LinkedIn to share the concept of Life Skills Report Cards and nurture collaborations between Life Skills Educators. Today Parenting 2.0 is LinkedIn’s top ranked parenting group with 4500 members in seventy countries. Every two years they host the world’s only professional conference for Life Skills Educators – P20 Talks.

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Reeta Passi

Reeta Passi is a Parenting Coach with Nouvel Era and a member of Education Professionals Forum in  Gurgaon, India. The forum consists of internationally acclaimed education professionals who collaborate to create new approaches to education with a particular goal of making teaching and parenting as enthusiastic, stress free and pleasurable as possible.

A primary school teacher for thirty years – twenty at a British school in Kuwait – Passi sees parents, teachers and students as three angles of a triangle and commitment to ‘Empowering the Triangle’ as central to students’ success.  “Parents are the ones who teach initial life skills to children and everything else centers around those competencies.” This awareness inspired her to shift her focus from teaching to better supporting parents.  In addition to her work with Nouvel Era, Passi is an active member of ‘Global India Connections’ and ‘Internations’- Ex Pat members organisations in India and abroad and volunteers time also teaching English to children at under privileged schools.

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Niti Kapoor, Psy.D

Niti Kapoor has a doctorate in Psychology and 15 years experience working as Sensory Integration Therapist and 16PF Expert. In 2006 she founded Strategic Links (dedicated to holistic development, guidance and mental health for children and families). In 2016 she added Certified Happiness Practitioner to her list of credentials. Service on the governmental panel of Defense, Film Division, Information & Broadcasting provides her the opportunity to coach in urban, semi-urban and rural areas throughout India.

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Abhi Pasari

Abhi Pasari is a certified ISP Art of Parenting coach and NLP practitioner based in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India.  An off shoot of the popular SSY courses for adults founded by Guruji Shri Rishi Prabhakar,  ISP focuses on development from pre-birth to eight years with a particular emphasis on whole child development in five areas: Physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual. A father to twin boys, Abhi obtained personal certification in ISP in 2008, and trainer certification in 2009. Since, then, Abhi has coached more than 5 thousand parents in ISP methodology.

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Sreela Banerjee

Sreela Banerjee is Co-Founder of the Life Skills Institute, a non-profit charity based in London, England, UK. Its remit is teaching core skills to pre-adults that better prepare them for excelling in future professional work and life. Awareness/attention training and education in better understanding individual human spirit, form the foundation of the Institute’s curriculum. Banerjee has an undergraduate degree from the London School of Economics – Joint honors in Economics and Economic History – and an MBA from Cass Business School. She was inspired to form the Life Skills Institute after a thirty year career that included consultancy positions in engineering, financial services, education and private management spanning multiple countries.

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Sushant Kalra

Sushant Kalra is the Founder of the Parwarish Institute of Parenting and has developed interactive workshops for parents and teachers supporting management of demands faced daily: studies, sex education, time management, technology etc. His work has earned him the Best Teacher and Parent Coach Award by the Federation of Public Schools of Delhi and the Education INNOVATOR Award at the 5th Ed Leadership International Conference, Lucknow, October 2011.

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Matthew Moheban

Matthew Moheban is Co-Founder of 220 Youth Leadership, a US based company dedicated to supporting youth in identifying their passions and developing leadership potential. A graduate of the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, Matthew worked in commercial banking in Chicago, Illinois before co-founding 220 Youth Leadership with his brother Joseph.

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Purvi Shah, MAPC

Purvi has a Masters in Psychology with additional training in the field of Special Education. A certified Hypnotherapist and School Counselor with a passion for facilitating enriched Child-Parent Relationship, she maintains a private practice in Mumbai and works with various psychiatrists and pediatricians across the region.

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Erik Robertson, MA

Erik R. Robertson is a Life Coach based in Amsterdam, author of “Oops! The Parenting Handbook” and contributing author to Brian Tracy’s book “Transform, Your Life, Business and Health.” He speaks regularly to audiences around the globe on the topics of parenting and human development, with a personal goal of equipping all persons with the skills necessary to confront fears and insecurities, celebrate life, and soar personally and professionally.

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Kavita Yadav

Kavita Yadav is certified as a Facilitator and Parenting Coach with the Responsible Childcare® course developed by Love Humanity International (LHI). A member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) Delhi NCR Chapter, Kavita has more than 12 years experience providing parent coaching in corporate and education sectors. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an integral part of her training & coaching sessions.  

Kavita is also Certified in “Designing and Managing Human Resource Systems”  and assists Startups with her HR Consultancy Services.  In June 2014, Kavita founded JiNa – LivingPositively.  The name “JiNa” is a combination of the names of her two daughters “Jiya and Naisha”. 

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Himani Tyagi, Ph.D

Himani Tyagi is the Founder of BrainInformed solutions and an ICF certified Parent Coach based in Delhi, India. She is also a certified trainer for ‘Better Brains for Babies’ –  a University of Georgia initiative geared to educating parents and caregivers on means to support healthy brain development in young children. Previously a molecular biology researcher and educator for 11 years, Himani was inspired to become a Life Skills / Parent coach in 2011 after becoming a parent herself. She is particularly sensitive to the challenges working mothers face and passionate supporting them in establishing Life balance.

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Shilpa Gupta, MD

Shilpa Gupta is a Parenting Coach certified in both Matrix Reimprinting and EFT. Previously an ENT surgeon, she found her true passion teaching parents, caregivers and teachers the skills necessary to create “happy” families. Based in Delhi, India, she has spent the past six years delivering the “Responsible Childcare” program to parents of different socio economic status and cultures throughout India. She has conducted training programs and workshops for various schools, corporate groups, NGOs, and alternate care residential homes including Udayan Care . For the past three 3 years, she has been training care takers and various stake holders of 32 SOS Children’s Villages across all over India. Over 2000 individuals have attended her parenting workshops.

Shilpa is also the Delhi Area training Director for Love Humanity International and an Associate Director of Centre for Child and Adolescent Well-being (CCAW), a multi-specialty Institute for Child Mental Health, New Delhi.  In 2012 she was recognized as the ‘Parenting Guru’ by Hindustan Times and awarded ‘The LBF Visionary Award of excellence’ for her contributions in the field of Parenting. In 2013, she was was honored with the Nav Kiran Award for selfless work with women and the underprivileged at the 6th National Women Excellence Awards.

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Susan Dockerill

Susan Dockerill is a certified Family Coach and Founder and CEO of Life Works. A registered non-profit based in Florida, USA, Life Works collaborates with families, schools, and other local programs and agencies to provide parenting classes, teacher in service training, mediation, and stay in school programs for at risk children.  Susan is also the Director of The International Network for Children and Families.

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Saloni Singh, MD

Saloni Singh is an ICF certified Life Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, and Happiness Coach – certified with the Happiness Project UK. Based in Gurgaon, Haryana, India, she has more than eight years coaching groups, corporations, and individuals, her areas of focus include parenting, stress management and emotional literacy.

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Sunita Biddu, MS

Sunita Biddu is a Social Media strategist based in Gurgaon, India with over 12 years of industry experience. Co-author of a rich ebook on social media for startups, she has supported over 5000 entrepreneurs and businesses around the globe in utilizing social media to accomplish their goals.

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Jaya Bhateja

Jaya holds the credential PCC and is a globally recognised Life Coach by ICF.  Based out of Gurgaon, India, she works to empower youth, entrepreneurs and leaders in reaching the next level of their potential. To date she has  logged over 1500 hours of coaching and mentoring experience in diverse Industries across India, Philippines, US &UK. 

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Usha Subramaniam

Usha is Co-founder of  JaagoTeens – a registered society that conducts interactive sessions on digital safety.  To date, Jaago Teens has provided more than 200 workshops and events educating more than 70 thousand individuals. In March 2016, JaagoTeens received the Shakuntala Singh Memorial Rita Kumar Foundation award in ‘Recognition of Achievement in Digital Education’.

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Jacinthe Guiho

Jacinthe Guiho has worked 25 years in academic settings teaching children from the ages of four to fourteen dance, art, theatre and religious studies. Based in Timmins, Ontario Canada, she is passionate about the importance of giving children tools that enhance innate creativity and expression.

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Louise Williams

Louise Williams is the Founder of Love Humanity International. Rooted in India in 2004, LHI’s core mission is strengthening families and empowering children. Based currently in Texas, USA, Louise previously oversaw the development of Responsible Childcare® (RC) in India, a parenting program featuring three segments: 1) Common Sense Parenting, 2) HIV/AIDS awareness/prevention and 3) Reproductive Health.

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Alexanndra Bailey

Alexanndra Bailey is a Sydney, New South Wales Australia based educator, parent and globally mindful citizen.  Originally trained in International Relations and Communications, she mentors adults and leads groups of students to International Model United Nations Conferences where they learn crucial social skills in socially safe and supportive environments.

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Friday, October 7th, 2016 Meet and Greet

5:00 pm – 8:00 pm No-host meet and greet in Kenilworth’s Lobby Bar.


Saturday, October 8th, 2016 Regency Hall

10:00am – 11:30 am Personal Care Panel Presents.

11:30 – 1:00 pm Organizational Skills Panel presents.

1:00pm – 2:30 pm Lunch on your own.

2:30pm – 4:00 pm Respect for Self and Others Panel presents.

4:00pm – 5:00 pm “2016 Global Presence Humanitarian Award “


Sunday, October 9th, 2016 Regency Hall

10:00 am – 11:30 am Communication Panel presents

11:30am – 1:00 pm Social Skills Panel presents

1:00pm – 2:30 pm Lunch on your own.

2:30 – 3:30 pm Professional Training “Maximizing LinkedIn“

3:30-5:00 pm Professional Training “Video Scribe and Pic Monkey”

5:00 pm P20 Talks 2016 concludes

P20 Talks Sessions are formatted after the five primary categories on the Life Skills Report Card:

Personal Care
Organizational Skills
Respect for Self and Others
Social Skills

P20 TALKS presentations raise the bar on Life Skills education for all persons by:

Illuminating the centrality of Life Skills for individuals and communities thriving
Expanding appreciation for the complexity of Life Skills in the 21st century
Underscoring the necessity of retiring role modeling as the high bar of education and embracing dynamic education by third party professionals for skills used daily.
Each session commences with five presenters seated as a panel at the front of the room. Presenters then alternate providing ten minute power presentations with personal stories that underscore the centrality of Life Skills in daily living and concrete means to elevate the educational process. Sessions conclude with a fifteen minute audience / panel question and answer segment.

Click on the Schedule Tab above for timing of the sessions.

Parenting 2.0 is proud to host its third international P20 Talks conference for Life Skills professionals at the beautiful Kenilworth Beach Resort and Spa in Goa, India.

P20 Talks 2016 commences with a meet and greet Friday evening, October 7th, followed by one and a half days of inspiring ten minute power presentations from Life Skills educators hailing from four continents. Critical skills addressed include emotional, financial and digital literacy. The conference wraps with an afternoon of professional coaching in LinkedIn, PicMonkey photo editing and Video Scribe Sunday, October 9th. See full schedule here.

Registration is by invitation only. Contact coordinators Robert Dourado and Abigail Roberts for information
Email : robert.dourado@soidemer.com Phone: +91-72-192-8888-4


Venue Information:

Friday Meet and Greet will be in the Lobby Bar, Saturday and Sunday Life Skills presentations will be delivered in Regency Hall, pictured below.

Please note: Room stays must be booked with the Kenilworth Beach Resort and Spa directly. Mention P20 Talks 2016 International Conference when booking to receive discounted rates.

Kenilworth Beach Resort and Spa is offering discounted room rates, inclusive of meals, for P20 Talks registrants as vacancies permit. Email your request with preferred dates and room specifications to reservationsgoa@kenilworthhotels.com Type “P20 Talks 2016 International Conference” in your subject line to obtain the discounted rate. Details below.

Vacancies permitting, the room rate for P20 Talks is INR 10,000 /-++20.40% taxes per room per night on double occupancy. Kenilworth processes all payments in Rupees so please see conversion chart for equivalent.


  • Scheduled Group Return airport / Railway station transfers from Madgaon railway station by AC coach( we need arrival details 48 hours prior to check in date to avail of this facility).
  • Welcome refresher on arrival (non alcoholic).
  • Buffet breakfast Buffet Lunch & buffet dinner at the coffee shop ( package either starts or ends with buffet lunch as per your choice as per your choice)
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi.
  • 03 bottles of mineral water replenished in the rooms once daily (500 ml).
  • Usage of our in-house amenities ( gym / Goa’s 2nd largest swimming pool/ open Air Jacuzzi in proper attire).

******** CHECK IN 1500 hrs CHECK OUT 1100 hrs *****

Kenilworth Hotel Cancellation Policy :

  • Cancellation within 60 days prior to arrival date will attract 1 night retention.
  • Cancellation within 14 days of arrival date will attract 2 Nights charge as retention.
  • Cancellation within 07 days of arrival date or non utilization of room would attract 100% applied cost as retention.