P20 Talks 2014 Dublin

P20 Talks 2014 Dublin

Place: Castleknock Hotel and Country Club Dublin Ireland
Date: September 14, 2014 - September 16, 2016

P20 Talks 2014 World’s Only Professional Conference For Life Skills Educators

The international consciousness movement Parenting 2.0 is hosting its second combined professional conference for Life Skills Educators, P20 Talks 2014, in Dublin, Ireland September 14th – 16th, 2014. Constructed around the concept of Life Skills Report Cards, and choreographed to nurture greater collaboration among Life Skills professionals, P20 Talks 2014 features individual presentations by Life Skills Educators and professional coaching for maximizing modern media platforms.

Parenting 2.0 made history in 2012 by hosting the world’s first international professional conference for Life Skills Educators, P20 Talks 2012 in San Diego, CA. The highlight of P20 Talks 2012 was the unveiling of a humanitarian organization, The Global Presence, to better support those on the front lines raising humanity. P20 Talks 2012 also recognized Bobbi DePorter, founder of the Quantum Learning Network, for her magnanimous work in the Life Skills arena with the 2012 Global Presence Humanitarian Award.

Global Presence Ambassadors hosted regional dinners around the globe for P20 Talks 2013 and recognized the contributions of John Wood and Room to Read in the Life Skills arena with the 2013 Global Presence Humanitarian Award. For P20 Talks 2014, Life Skills Educators from multiple continents will gather again for the combined bi-annual, international professional conference at the Castleknock Hotel and Country Club in Dublin, Ireland Sept 14th-16th. Detailed conference and registration information available via above navigational tabs.

Antoinette Moriarty, M.Sc., UKCP Reg.

Antoinette Moriarty trained as an Integrative Psychotherapist at the Metanoia Institute, London and currently has a private psychotherapy practice in Dublin, Ireland. She also manages the Counselling Service at the Law Society of Ireland. Blending elements of her background in education and professional development with psychotherapy, she has created a course titled ‘Shrink Me – Psychology of a Lawyer’. This innovative module supports the psychological, emotional and relational development of solicitors. Moriarty also coordinates a Learning and Teaching programme for the Law Society’s Associate Faculty, in which she draws upon the field of Emotional Intelligence and explores the psychological interplay between the various professional roles we adopt and our core personal identity.

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Elizabeth Douet, M.A.

Elizabeth Douet is an Intercultural Coach and Corporate Communications Consultant. She began her professional career as a journalist and discovered a passion for intercultural coaching when professional postings required multiple moves across six different countries. Over the past twenty years, Douet has partnered with a broad range of organisations and individuals to develop and implement programmes and products that address the unique challenges faced by families in global transition. Based in Dublin, Ireland, she leverages evolving virtual and mobile technologies to help clients craft greater work/life opportunities and is completing a Masters in Digital Marketing Strategy.

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Irene J. Murray, LLB

After obtaining a law degree from the University of Edinburgh in 2007, and working several years in business management, Irene J. Murray was inspired to delve deeper into the dynamics of human consciousness and conflict.

This led to her present, blended, role as a student of Kabbalah and a joint honors program – Psychology and  Religious Studies – at the University of Glasgow. Murray is especially fascinated with means to end long standing cycles of hate and violence and spent July and August of 2014 attending an intensive course on Conflict Resolution at Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

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Luison Lassala, M.A.

Luison Lassala  is a freelance IT consultant based in Dublin, and a partner with the international think-tank on social media: “InterMedia Social Innovation”.  He has been involved in youth work on a voluntary capacity for over 30 years. He is currently the director of Nullamore Youth Centre in Milltown, Dublin, and director for youth affairs of Brosna Educational Centres Ltd.  He delivers workshop on leadership and character development for teenagers, and he is a qualified facilitator for FranklinCovey’s 7 Habits for Highly Effective Teens.

Born in Valencia, Spain, Lassala studied Philosophy and Economics in UCD and obtained an MA in Economics from NUI Galway in 1987. He has worked in the IT industry since graduation, getting his first job with Digital Equipment Corp. and taking on various responsibilities in management, marketing, training and consulting in Ireland and the UK.

He delivers presentations on Internet Safety to parents, teachers and children in schools and youth organisations, highlighting the pros and cons of these media, and providing tips and guidelines for parents and teachers to stay abreast of new technologies. In particular, he has taken a special interest on the effects that unbridled access to the Internet via smartphones can have on children and families.

He has written numerous articles on social networking for the Irish media and for publications abroad. He was appointed to the Internet Safety Advisory Council of Ireland by the then Minister for Justice.

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Joanna Fortune, MICP, MIFPP

Joanna Fortune is a Clinical Psychotherapist and Child Attachment Specialist with over 15 years experience working with children and families. She founded Solamh Parent-Child Relationship Clinic Dublin, Ireland in 2010 – prior to which she worked in the NGO sector specialising in a range of challenging and trauma based issues. She spent over 3 years working in orphanages in Russia with children of all ages who are growing up in institutions and developed a variety of programs of de-institutionalisation, life skills and psychological resilience building while there.

As a clinician, mentor and well established training consultant and guest speaker in her field, Fortune is also a regular contributor in the media on issues of child development and parenting. She is often told that she possess the ability to think like a 5 year old and she embodies this attitude in her approach to her work. You can read about her clinical work on www.solamh.com or on her parenting blog site www.joannafortune.

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Sreela Banerjee

Sreela Banerjee is Co-Founder of the Life Skills Institute, a non-profit charity based in the UK. Its remit is teaching core skills to pre-adults that better prepare them for excelling in future professional work and life.  Awareness/attention training and education in better understanding individual human spirit, form the foundation of the Institute’s curriculum.  “If you develop a habit of ‘watching out’ and bringing your mind back to what you want to think or do, that helps to reduce stress, as well as increase productivity. ‘It is just like exercising and developing a physical muscle.”

Banerjee has an undergraduate degree from the London School of Economics – Joint honors in Economics and Economic History – and an MBA from Cass Business School.  She was inspired to form the Life Skills Institute after a thirty year career that included consultancy positions in engineering, financial services, education and private management spanning multiple countries. Consistent through all of these positions, Banerjee observed, were the “cries” due to lack of formal education in emotional intelligence. This fact highlighted for Banerjee and her colleagues the critical need for forming The Life Skills Institute.

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Blanca Vergara, Panel Lead

Blanca Vergara is author of “Women Work Wonders” and Founder of Parenting the Gods – a program connecting mothers with their courage, compassion and (self) approval. Coming from a long lineage of Toltec Female Healers, Vergara felt herself being called to let go of her path “climbing the corporate ladder” and reconnect with the wisdom of her ancestors. Motherhood ensured her complete transformation.

Based in Amsterdam, Vergara offers online workshops to mothers around the world. Her larger goal is supporting the shift to a Heart Centered Economy by stopping the chain of fear and pain passively inherited generation after generation

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Ilene Dillon, LMFT, LCSW

Ilene Dillon is internationally popular as “The Emotional Pro” and author of over 20 books, workbooks, CDs and mini-courses focused on parenting and emotions, including The ABCs of Love, The Exchange Student Model for Parenting, and Happiness is a Decision of the Heart. A practicing Marriage and family Therapist in California for 41 years,  Dillon teaches the Life Skills of Emotional Mastery and offers courses on such topics as  1) ending co-dependence, 2) permanently raising self-esteem, 3) principle-based parenting, and 4) mastering anger.

Dillon is a pioneer in the Emotional Literacy movement (Exploring Anger with Your Child, 1994), and enjoys featuring the groundbreaking work of fellow human development professionals via her weekly blog talk radio program “Full Power Living.”  Her workshop, “Principle-Driven Parenting” is part of the 2014 50th Anniversary Conference of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. Dillon has been successful as a single, married, step, adoptive and grand mother of 6 children and 5 grandchildren. She resides in Northern California with her retired neurosurgeon husband, Dr. Robert (Bob) Fink, their dog, Pi, and 3 cats.

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Rosalind Cutler

Ros Cutler founded Family Matters Coaching to provide parents benefits comparable to those executives routinely receive in corporations. Originally from the UK, Cutler has lived most of her life as an expat – all  four of her boys were born in Uganda in Africa. For the past 10 years the family has been living near Geneva, Switzerland where her American husband works at the World Health Organisation.

“Expat family life has very special challenges – the rest of the family are often far away and friends – when you get to make them – are often just about to leave and go, or its your turn to get posted to a new country . There nobody knows you. Chances are you need to learn a new language, learn a new public transport system, find out where the shops are and how to read the labels, find out about school, try to make yourself understood … so there is a lot of disruption, your kids can feel shunted around (so can you!) and its hard to keep going. It puts lots of pressure on everyone.” . Currently studying for an MSc in psychology, Cutler has found Family Coaching  a perfect way to support families in thriving amidst these multiple challenges and transitions.

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Reeta Passi

Reeta Passi is a Parenting Coach with Nouvel Era, a member of the Education Professionals Forum in Pune, India and Chairperson for the Kuwait Chapter of All Ladies League – the World’s First International Women’s Forum for women empowerment. A teacher in academic settings for over 25 years, she also volunteers time teaching English to children at under privileged schools.

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Edwina Neely, MA

Edwina Grice Neely, MA, is an author, entrepreneur, teacher, seminar presenter, wife and mother. She began her career as a speech pathologist and audiologist, graduating from Hampton Institute and teaching in the University’s speech program. Her attention soon turned to marriage and parenthood as she sought new ways to utilize her skills and talents, and more than thirty years teaching Kindergarten in Maryland USA.

During this time, she developed a Parent-Teacher Partnership Program that provides monthly seminars for parents on the many ways children learn – multiple intelligences, respect for personality traits, communication skills etc. Currently the Director of Parenting Ministries at a church in Fulton, MD., Neely is also the author of  “So I’m Home! Now What?,  “Thank You God for my Food” and “Thank You God for my Body.”

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Vaughn Lauer, Ph.D

Vaughn Lauer is an Author and Special Needs Advocate.  He has extensive knowledge of US federal education laws related to disabilities and more than thirty years experience applying these at the state, district and school levels. Front line positions in elementary and secondary institutions – including teacher, state department of education supervisor, district director of student services and others – informed Lauer of the dire need to better support parents’ in their collaborations with school personnel and inspired him to write “When the School Says No…How to Get the Yes!

Lauer also has a broad range of experience collaborating with local, state and national agencies and and has led multiple statewide initiatives including the California State Alternate Assessment. He holds workshops and professional development trainings across the United States and is regularly featured in magazines and on line forums.

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Niki Williams

Niki Williams is  a Co-parenting Counselor and Communication Coach.  She began her professional career working as a Psychiatric Nurse  in the UK for several years before discovering her passion for communication and obtaining a Diploma in Counselling from UWE (University of the West of England) Bristol in 1998. In 2006 Williams relocated to Mallow, Ireland and obtained an additional Diploma in Parent Mentoring at UCC, (University College Cork).

A single mother of three, she is sensitive to the unique challenges involved with successful co-parenting and passionate empowering others to find their voice, exercise choice and improve their family relationships.  “Respecting each other as parents – a distinctly different role to spouse – is the first step to emotional separation and vital for a child’s stability and overall health.” Williams also values continually expanding her own communication skills and recently completed a two year program in Trauma Counselling with Rape Counselling Midwest.

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Niamh Hannan, MSc.

Niamh Hannan is a Counselling Psychologist registered with the Psychological Society of Ireland. She has been working with clients in a counselling setting for almost 15 years and has a part-time private practice in Donnybrook since 2004. Hannan also runs her own business, Mindworks, and is a trained Mediator, Master Practitioner in NLP, Psychological First-Aid responder (trauma prevention after critical incident), and Counselling Supervisor. She has extensive experience working with individuals & families; adults and teenagers.

In addition to her private practice, Hannan works with groups in a variety of contexts and organizations, designing and facilitating talks & interactive workshops (topics include Positive Parenting; Improving Communication; Stress Management; The Power of the Mind; Work-Life Balance; among others). She has facilitated numerous Positive Parenting courses and talks in schools around the country. Hannan was a regular contributor to The Parenting Slot on the Moncrieff Show, Newstalk fm, in 2011 and 2012. She also writes regularly for the ‘Irish Country Magazine’ and frequently contributes to articles in other magazines and national newspapers. Hannan is also the proud “mammy” of two young children.

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Naomi Richards

Naomi Richards, also known as “The Kids Coach,” is a popular UK based life coach. Specializing in the arena of emotional and social skills, she provides a space for children to talk confidentially about everyday challenges and empowers them to resolve their problems in an interactive, creative and supportive way. Richards works face to face – and also does Skype coaching internationally – on skills including: self-esteem, co-operation, confidence building, stress management, challenging negative thoughts and beliefs, friendships, anxiety, anger, school problems, family difficulties, parent separation and sibling rivalry.

Her expanded curriculum includes weekend workshops for kids, self-esteem conferences for girls, and coaching for fellow Life Skills Educators. She is a motivational speaker and writes for many parenting, teenage and women’s magazines. Author of ’The Parent’s Toolkit’ published by Random House 2012, Richards has been recognized as a Remarkable Woman – a female entrepreneur who is leading the way in a chosen career path – an initiative backed by Nokia. 

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Marlaine Cover, MPA

Marlaine Cover is a Social Entrepreneur, Creator of The Life Skills Report Card and Founder of the international consciousness movement Parenting 2.0. Parenting 2.0 champions professional education for Life Skills used daily. Popularly known by her pen name “Mama Marlaine”, she is the best-selling author of Kissing the Mirror, Raising Humanity in the 21st Century, and serves as Board President for Parenting 2.0’s educational non-profit, The Global Presence.

Marlaine Cover é uma empreendedora social, criadora do The Life Skills Report Card e fundadora do movimento de consciência internacional Parenting 2.0. Parenting 2.0 defende a educação profissional em habilidades para a vida usadas diariamente. Conhecida popularmente pelo pseudônimo “Mama Marlaine”, ela é autora de sucesso dos livros Kissing the Mirror, Raising Humanity in the 21st Century e atua como presidente do conselho da organização sem fins lucrativos educacional Parenting 2.0, The Global Presence.

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Jane Evans

Jane Evans is an Author, Parenting Coach, and Domestic and Family Abuse Educator specializing in trauma and attachment.  Her early years story book  “How are you feeling today Baby Bear?” supports children in exploring feelings related to domestic violence. In addition to running her own consultancy, Evans also works with the 11-17 Parental Abuse Project in Bristol.

Her twenty year resume includes work with the NSPCC, Children’s Services, Survive, Barnardo’s and respite foster carer for Wiltshire council. Twenty years serving families confronting complex challenges – including  domestic violence, abuse, substance misuse, mental illness, homelessness, learning difficulties and poverty –  inspired Evans to start her own consultancy where she could proactively tackle the issue on three fronts: Supporting individuals and families in the throes of crisis, empowering those recovering from crisis, and educating all persons in means to prevent future abuse.  Her personal experience with abuse makes her a courageous and compassionate intercessor, educator and student in all of these forums.

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Deborah McNelis

Deborah McNelis is an Early Brain Development Specialist and owner of Brain Insights®.  She is the award winning author of, The Brain Development Series, Naturally Developing Young Brains, and the Love Your Baby App. Deborah has been seen in several publications, heard on numerous radio shows, and receives rave reviews for her enlightening and engaging presentations.

Deborah’s newest initiative helps entire communities, “Create Great Connections”. Her goal through this work is for everyone to gain an understanding of early brain development, it’s impact, and the ways we can all easily make a REAL difference.

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Vivien Sabel, UKCP, MBACP Cop.

Vivien Sabel is an award-winning author of The Blossom Method, a UKCP relational psychotherapist, international speaker, attachment lecturer, baby observer and mother. She is fluent in British Sign Language and formerly trained as a British Sign Language Interpreter.

Born to a deaf mother who didn’t sign, Vivien Sabel has always been attuned to body language and non-verbal communication. When she had her own daughter, Blossom, she intuitively interpreted her actions and understood Blossom’s needs. It was only when discussing her methods with fellow mums that she realized her approach was unique. Sharing her method with them, they were all amazed at its success and word of The Blossom Method™ soon spread. The Blossom Method™ is featured in the news and media across the globe. As featured in Junior, Mother & Baby, The Times of India, The Mirror, The Daily Mail, The Irish News and recently the BBC. The book is available in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, and is soon to be published in South Korea.

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Bill Neely

Bill Neely is the Founder of the Individual Identity Initiative, a method of inquiry that promotes discovering, promoting and maintaining one’s individual “innocent” essence. Twenty four years experience as a pastoral minister in Washington, DC confirmed for Neely the value of affirming, illuminating, and nurturing the infinite potential of every individual – independent life challenges or circumstances – and inspired him to formalize his unique methodology in the form of  The Individual Identity Initiative.

Neely’s passion for working with families first emerged after he attended a Family Life Workshop while in seminary and discovered  that – despite being married and a father of three – he actually knew very little about family life.  Since then he has remained committed to learning, teaching and coaching individuals, couples, parents, families, and organizations on techniques for creating harmonious relationships. He formed his first consulting business, Getting Along Better, LLC in 1996 and is working presently on a book that describes the Individual Identity Initiative for fellow counselors, pastors, and other Life Skills Educators. A North Carolina native residing in Maryland USA since 1981, Neely also enjoys music composition, singing, cycling, and skydiving.

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Babajide Bayo-Yusuf

Babajide Bayo-Yusuf is CEO and Founder of Tangtracker, a free online safety android app that permits parents to track and monitor several online activities carried by their children through their smartphone.  Also an IT consultant, Bayo-Yusuf’s passion for improving digital safety was ignited in 2013.

It began with a growing concern for the increased risk children face in the digital age and frustration with existing security measures. “The question I asked myself was, ‘Do I have to wait until something happens to a family member before I act?’.  He decided no and began researching how parents could use smartphone technology to better protect their children. This journey resulted in him creating Tangtracker. Bayo-Yusuf lives in the UK with his wife and infant son. He enjoys football, horse riding and brainstorming means Tangtracker can be improved.

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Alan Wilson

Alan Wilson is the creator of “The Parent Champion” and “The Ethos of Empowerment” programmes. Core to each is the prioritization of culture and connection over content. Wilson’s path to becoming a Life Skills Empowerment Coach was anything but conventional. He began his professional career in advertising, then experienced a cascade of professional and personal trials – bankruptcy, nervous breakdown, divorce. These “catastrophic” events inspired renewed consideration of his life purpose and delivered him to a greater appreciation of spirituality and energy. “In 2002 I learned there was potential for a deeper level of connection beyond what is conventionally described by sensory-awareness and active listening – an energetic connection that delivers powerful positive personal transformation when respected and proactively cultivated.”

Wilson blended this awareness with the human applicability of an advertising concept on which he trained fellow professionals – USP (Unique Selling Point). The combination proved surprisingly powerful when he began volunteer work with teens. Children normally deemed “difficult” or worse began thriving under Wilson’s tutelage. This unanticipated success motivated Wilson to write a variety of programmes culminating in The Parent Champion program in 2010. The essential message is when parents/teachers feel comfortable within themselves children are freer and more comfortable being themselves. The Ethos of Empowerment programme, launched in a Special Education Needs school in October 2012, expands the concept and supports teachers, staff, students and parents in creating a culture of empowerment in schools.

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Diane Speier, PhD

Diane Speier is a perinatal psychotherapist, specializing in the psychology of parenthood, the psychophysiology of birth, postnatal depression and birth trauma. In an effort to better support new parents internationally, as well as in the UK, she recently collaborated with her daughter, Mariel Sands, and developed a postnatal app called Digital Doula. The app consolidates critical postpartum information, research, articles and videos.

Speier became a certified childbirth educator and also started attending births as a labor companion in 1978, which eventually became doula service for childbirth and postnatal home care in 1995. After training in the facilitation of human potential, The Birth Empowerment Workshop® was born in 1988 as a powerful weekend intensive for pregnant couples seeking a multidimensional and holistic approach to birth and parenting. This workshop evolved into a couple’s retreat designed to deepen intimacy while empowering the family. Before immigrating to the UK in 1998, Speier founded The Family Tree Center for Parents in New York, 1983 – 1998. Speier is presently working on a new book titled, ” The Handbook for the Postnatal Period.”

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Diana Dentinger, Panel Lead

Diana Dentinger is a Life Coach and creator of The Meaning of Life Path.™ She has provided both private coaching and corporate training programs for the past twenty years, motivating hundreds of people worldwide to achieve more clarity, meaning and performance in their personal and professional lives.

Dentinger graduated from Miami University of Ohio with a BS in 1984, and has a Diploma in Psychobiologiè (France) as a neurobiology therapist. She is also certified in multiple Behavior Models including DiSC, Enneagram, and We Care. Dentinger is Editor of the Inner Peace Parenting Magazine (a digital magazine available on iTunes) and Founder of “Women of Meaning” Gatherings. A popular keynote speaker and a featured author in the book “Pure Genius”,  she lives in northern Italy where she raises her four children.

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Annie Chisambo

Annie Chisambo is Founder/Director of Elshaddai Money Training Ltd. and author of the book “How to budget with your pocket money and spend it all.” A UK based radio show host and motivational speaker,  Chisambo has more than 20 years financial experience  working for various  organisations including: Save the Children, the National Health Service and Manchester City Council.

Chisambo became aware of the need for proactively teaching money matters in simple ways to children, youths and adults, when she found herself having to walk to work one day as a result of not budgeting appropriately for transport. In 2011 she founded Elshaddai Money Training Ltd to provide sessions on all aspects of budgeting, banking and debt in schools and community groups.  Chisambo strongly believes that money management is an essential life skill that ought to be taught to all children.

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Karen Shaw – Teens Lead

Karen Shaw, Professional Parent! A position she has held since 1979 (and never a day off ).  She has experienced many parenting dilemmas, nightmares and challenges as well as the joys, pleasures, amazing sense of pride, gratitude and unconditional love that come with being a parent. Karen is based in Manchester United Kingdom.

Qualified as an NLP (Nuero Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist, trainer and presenter, Karen has been passionate about coaching parents since she discovered the skills, tools and techniques she learnt that helped change her relationship with her three sons for the better. Sons with disabilities, physical and psychological, medical conditions and labels; Asperger’s syndrome, ADHD, dyslexia and social and behavioural difficulties.

As a single parent since 2001 she has discovered many ways of creating a fulfilling, loving relationship with her children by putting together elements from Personal Development, NLP, Hypnotherapy, energy therapies, Hooponopono, Heartmath and living a ‘heart centred’ life.

Since turning her life around from being depressed, alone and struggling with teenage boys she is now loving life and enjoying a truly rewarding experience with three amazing young men, her sons. She now shares ways to improve family relationships and encourages ways to reconnect, feel more in control of life again and enjoy a happy family life. Karen’s time is devoted to helping parents and young people to be the best they can be and live happy, fulfilling and successful lives.owner Parenting Magic

|P20 Talks Presentation

Sunday Sept 14th
3-5pm Check in Castleknock Hotel and Country Club
5-9pm Informal Meet and Greet Lime Tree Bar

Monday Sept 15, 2014
9am Registration Tower Suite
9:15am The Paradigm Shift of P20
9:30am Personal Care Skills
Panel Lead: Diana Dentinger Thought Leaders: Niamh Hannan, Ilene Dillon, Babajide Bayo-Yusef, Sreela Banerjee, Luison Lassala
11am Organizational Skills
Panel Lead: Marlaine Cover Thought Leaders: Rosalind Cutler, Niki Williams, Edwina Neely, Joanna Fortune

Noon Lunch On Your Own

1:30pm Respect for Self and Others Skills
Panel Lead: Blanca Vergara Thought Leaders: Annie Chisambo, Amelia Lambert, Irene Murray, Elizabeth Douet
2:45pm Communication Skills
Panel Lead: Karen Shaw Thought Leaders: Vivien Sabel, Elly Taylor, Diane Speier, Jane Evans, Alan Wilson
3:45pm Social Skills
Panel Lead: Deborah McNelis, Thought Leaders: Naomi Richards, Vaughn Lauer, Reeta Passi, Antoinette Moriarty

Tuesday Sept 16, 2014
9am Open Forum
10am Professional Coaching LinkedIn
11am Professional Coaching Mass Media

Noon Lunch On Your Own
1:30pm Professional Coaching Twitter
2:30pm Professional Coaching Facebook
4pm Global Presence Humanitarian Award
5pm Conference Concludes

Personal Care Skills Panel

Niamh Hannan, Diana Dentinger, Ilene Dillon, Babajide Bayo-Yusef, Sreela Banerjee, Luison Lassala
Personal Care forms the foundation from which other Life Skills develop. Tragically, it frequently ranks last on lists of priorities in modern societies. Personal Care Thought Leaders inspire the reframe by being the first panel to present at P20 Talks 2014.

Organizational Skills Panel

Rosalind Cutler, Niki Williams, Edwina Neely, Marlaine Cover, Joanna Fortune
Organizational skills are core to the optimal functioning of every individual. Unfortunately, the educational process is most frequently defined by dictates and punishments. Organizational Thought Leaders facilitate a paradigm shift by providing new perspectives and methodologies for proactive education.

Respect for Self and Others Skills Panel

Annie Chisambo, Amelia Lambert, Blanca Vergara, Irene J. Murray, Elizabeth Douet
With the world ever more intimately woven, problems in one geographical region immediately impact also others. Respect for Self and Others Thought Leaders expand existing expectations to create a brighter, more prosperous and amicable future for all persons.

Communication Skills Panel

Elly Taylor, Diane Speier, Vivien Sabel, Jane Evans, Karen Shaw, Alan Wilson
It is widely estimated that over ninety percent of human communication is non-verbal. The spoken word, however, dominates focus in daily conversations and media headlines. Crisis management guides education and further impairs popular dialogue by flooding it with medical terminology. Communication Thought Leaders provide a much warranted redirect and reconnect.

Social Skills Panel

Bill Neely, Naomi Richards, Deborah McNelis, Vaughn Lauer, Reeta Passi
Efforts to superimpose homogeneity upon the diversity of humanity are at the root of most human suffering. Social Skills Thought Leaders emphasize why embracing education that respects innate intelligence and integrates differences is one of the most important Life Skills human beings can collectively commit to refining in the Twenty-First Century.

Maximizing Modern Media

Knowledge is like food, it doesn’t do any good unless it reaches people in need. The second day of P20 Talks 2014 provides professional coaching for more effectively connecting Life Skills Educators with the publics they serve. Sessions include: Mass Media, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Coaching Clubs.

P20 Talks 2014 Registration

The World’s Only Professional Conference for Life Skills Educators.
Sept 14th-16th, 2014 Castleknock Hotel and Country Club
Conference Only

*Before August 1st, 95 Euros
After August 1st, 175 Euros
With Hotel

Single Occupancy Sun Mon – Limited supply!
*Before July 13th, 275 Euros
After July 13th conference registrants must book Hotel stay with Castleknock directly.

Double Occupancy Sun Mon – Limited supply!
*Before July 13th, 375 Euros
After July 13th conference registrants must book Hotel stay with Castleknock directly.
***Pre-July 14th Pricing Includes VAT and Full Irish Buffet Breakfast

You Will Enjoy…

Five Panels, 30 Powerful Thought Leaders.
Humanity Altering Life Skills discussions.
Maximizing Modern Media coaching.
Networking With International Collaborators.
Life Skills Topics Include:

Digital Safety
Organizational Skills
Interpersonal Communication
Conflict Resolution

Free Brainware Safari
Cognitive conditioning software $200 value
Registration Terms and Conditions

Payment: P20 Talks is using Event Brite & Paypal for our online payment process. Payment tab follows Terms and Conditions.
Substitutions: You may transfer your conference registration to another person by notifying us via email no later than Sept 1st. Terms for hotel changes – as dictated by Castleknock – are delineated below. Your request must include your name and e-mail address as well as that of the person who will attend in your place. Once we receive this information, a confirmation email will be sent to the new person.
Refund Policy – Conference only: If you need to cancel your registration, you must do so in writing no later than August 1st. (This is the date final deposit is due Castleknock for conference space). Full refunds for cancellations prior to August 1st. No refunds for cancellations August 2nd or later.
Refund Policy – Conference and Hotel Registrants: Castleknock Hotel has a standard cancellation policy that applies also for P20 Talks registrants:
Eight weeks or more prior to stay – no charge
Six to eight weeks prior to stay 25% charge
Two to Six weeks prior to stay 50% charge
Less than two weeks prior to stay 100% charge
Registrants cancelling within 30 days of event: Still receive $200 complimentary Brainware software and access to “How to maximize your networking opportunities on LinkedIn” conference call hosted by P20 Founder Marlaine Cover.
Conference Cancellation: If for any reason P20 Talks is cancelled by P20 Talks organizers due to some unforeseen difficulty, we will fully refund your registration fee with no penalties or other reductions. Any fees incurred by cancellations of your related commitments, including but not limited to travel and hotel reservations, cannot be paid by P20 Talks and are your responsibility.
Speakers and Schedule: Although we make every effort to confirm our speaker list and event schedule, life happens and circumstances are sometimes beyond our control. Thus, all speakers and scheduling are subject to change without notice.
Privacy Policy: We may photograph or videotape speakers and attendees for use in online or printed promotions. By virtue of your attendance, you grant us the right to take such photos or videos and to use your likeness in such materials. The contact and personal information we collect about you will never be shared outside of P20 Talks. We may from time to time share aggregate data with our sponsors, but in all such cases, all personal data will remain anonymous.



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Learning Enhancement Corporation developes software platforms for learning that combines the latest neuroscience with motivating video-game technology. BrainWare Safari develops 41 cognitive skills in a comprehensive, integrated and engaging way.

BrainWare Safari awards includes Top 100 Products of 2011 by District Administration Magazine, Software and Information Industry CODiE Award-Best Education Game or Simulation, Parents’ Choice Award, Teachers’ Choice for the Family Award, Mom’s Choice Award, Distinguished Achievement Award – Association of Educational Publishers and Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal of Approval. LEC won EdNET Rookie of the Year Award in 2006, honoring the most promising venture in the education industry in the coming years. MyBrainWare.com



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Penny C. Sansevieri, Founder and CEO Author Marketing Experts, Inc., is a best-selling author and internationally recognized book marketing and media relations expert. She is an Adjunct Professor teaching Self-Publishing for NYU. Her company is one of the leaders in the publishing industry and has developed some of the most innovative Social Media/Internet book marketing campaigns. She is the author of five books, including Red Hot Internet Publicity, which has been called the “leading guide to everything Internet.”

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