Sheryl Stoller

Sheryl Stoller

Sheryl Stoller is a compassionate, experienced, and highly respected PCI Certified Parent Coach®, and founder of Stoller Parent Coaching. She collaborates with parents to cultivate lasting positive changes in children’s behaviors, motivation, and development. Her innovative offerings include Whole Brain Living Practices™ and free weekly Parents Re-Group Calls™. Married for 25 years and a parent of two sons and a daughter, she is seasoned, grateful, and gratified.

Her expertise is featured on NBC Chicago Weekend Morning News and in Chicago Parent Magazine. Sheryl contributes to various parent-targeted projects of the Illinois Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the national Parenting 2.0  LinkedIn group sponsoring the P20talks.

In Sheryl’s active practice she coaches parents one-to-one or as couples, in person, by phone, or on-line. Three-way conferencing accommodates couples’ schedules. She customizes interactive topical workshops for hospitals, schools, and community gatherings.

Parents bombarded by demands, pressures, and messages are understandably sapped of energy and patience. Through Whole Brain Living Practices™, Sheryl guides parents to apply new understandings from advances in  brain research to affect their own as well as their children’s thoughts  and behaviors. In her Parents Re-Group Calls™ Sheryl creates a supportive community that revitalizes parents as they all share ideas related to that week’s topic.

Her own journey parenting her children through their difficult transitions has proven to be a powerful source of comfort, hope, and insight for the parents she serves. Sheryl listens without judgment, nurtures positive perspectives, and enables others to do the same for themselves.

A sampling from her many grateful clients: “Sheryl’s warmth, positive  approach, deep listening, and well-timed sharing of knowledge led to new insights and a personalized action plan that has been extremely effective.” “With Sheryl, I learned so much about how to adjust my parenting to empower my kids to make good choices.”
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