Diana Sterling

Diana Sterling

Diana Sterling, Certified Professional Coach, speaker, author and trainer is a 35-year veteran business owner and innovator. Her life-long commitment to self-employment and to helping others find meaning and success has resulted in the creation of many products, programs and services including The Parent as Coach Approach, Family Coach Training and The Entrepreneurial Women’s Academy. Diana has coached and taught thousands of individuals; business owners, new entrepreneurs, leaders, executives, parents, teens and family groups.

Diana holds a Bachelors Degree in Drama from San Diego State University and is working towards a Masters Degree in Education, majoring in Adult Learning and Development at Portland State University. She has completed a Professional Certificate in Coaching at New Ventures West and holds the distinction of being a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, by Life Design International. Diana is a sought-after radio presenter, public speaker, lecturer, trainer and facilitator in the areas of Small Business Development, Parenting, Life Skills for Teens, and Professional Coaching. She has a wealth of knowledge and communicative skills acquired through her background in coaching, teaching, drama, music and film production.

She is a member of the International Coach Federation and will be presenting her findings on the efficacy of parent coaching using The Parent as Coach Approach at the London International Coaching Conference in October.  You can learn more about Diana and her relentless passion for family, parent and teen coaching at www.dianasterling.com.

Diana is her own first client. She is married to Bill Sterling and together have three grown children. By the way – The Parent as Coach Approach…worked.

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