Bobbi DePorter

Bobbi DePorter

Bobbi DePorter has changed the lives of over ten million kids through her SuperCamp and Quantum Learning school programs.

Bobbi broke the mold in the early eighties by creating a learning and life skills academic summer program for youth. Not your traditional camp and far from school, SuperCamp created an innovative category in engaged, joyful, successful learning that helps students relearn how they learn and reshape how they view themselves and live their lives. Now with more than 65,000 graduates and programs in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin America, SuperCamp is an established leader in the field of youth development.

The success of SuperCamp led Bobbi to create Quantum Learning school programs for educators and students. Quantum Learning is a transformational solution producing significant positive change in thousands of schools and districts across the nation.

Bobbi is President of Quantum Learning Network (QLN), now in its thirty-first year and is Chairman of the non-profit Learning Forum International (LFI). Author of over a dozen books, she is a leading authority on effective learning and youth development. Bobbi studied with the renowned Bulgarian educator Dr. Georgi Lozanov in the late 1970s and was an early pioneer of accelerated learning in theUnited States.

Currently, Bobbi is spear-heading the Excellence Effect movement based on the 8 Keys of Excellence to change the lives of 50 million children by the year 2015.
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